Asta Door Corporation


: Asta Door started when Jim French purchased the Georgia division of Porvene/McKee in 1990.

: Asta Door manufactures top of the line commercial sheet doors & self storage Doors.

: Asta Door has also manufactured heavy duty rolling steel doors for over 20 years.

: Asta (the company’s name) is taken from the pet’s name in the movie “The Thin Man”.

: Asta Door’s predecessor (Porvene/McKee) survived a tornado which hit the manufacturing facility in 1986.

: Asta Door has a high windload for self storage doors, up to 146 psf for a 5’ wide door…WOW!

: Asta Door has a high windload for commercial sheet doors, up to 113 psf for an 8’ wide door…WHO KNEW!

: Asta Door now has approved Impact Rated doors for our commercial sheet doors and our rolling steel doors…WAY TO GO!

: Asta Door also provides fire doors, fire shutters, counter shutters, grilles & sectional doors.

: Asta Door has already transitioned to galvanized axle pipes for all of our commercial sheet doors and self storage doors.

: Asta Door fully wraps all of our commercial sheet doors...even our stock doors.

: Asta Door is a regional door manufacturer.

: Asta Door is looking for additional door distributors…ARE YOU ONE?

: Asta Door is looking to become your next tier door supplier.

: Asta Door has a toll free number…………….800-423-0659.

: Asta Door’s National Sales Manager is Steve Jamell, email:

Territory: National Sales plus Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Texas

: Asta Door’s Regional Sales Manager, Dan Baker, email:

Territory: Southeast U.S. (Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi & Tennessee.)

: Asta Door's Regional Sales Manager, Ted Billman, email:

Territory: Midwest U.S.