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4/29/2016: Asta Door Corporation reveals a motor operated mini-warehouse door at the 2016 Inside Self Storage Show and at the 2016 IDA Door Show both held in April. The new product was received very well at both shows and according to Steve Jamell, National Sales Manager for Asta Door Corporation, was mentioned as one of the most innovative items at the show. Attaching to the Asta mini warehouse door is the slow start, slow stop LiftMaster 3950 motor operator along with the Asta Mini EO Kit. Steve Jamell was quoted as saying "You can purchase the LiftMaster 3950 from us or you can provide this operator on your own, however the Asta Mini EO Kit is required for the door to work properly.

2/21/2014: Asta Door Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of TDI approved Impact Rated doors to our line of prducts. Please visit the Resources & Info section on our website for details, . Additional windload doors are pending final approval.

10/23/2013: Asta Door Corporation has added another important segment to our windload approved doors. We have tested, passed and approved windload ratings for mounting to CMU block jambs with poured cells for our commercial sheet doors, service doors and insulated service doors. "This is very important for us", says Steve Jamell, National Sales Manager for Asta Door. "When deciding to add the poured CMU jamb option to our windload doors we found we could either use engineered calculations or perform the actual physical testing on our doors. We chose to perform the required physical tests on our doors and have been very pleased with the results. We have provided our customers with what they requested and what they needed."

10/11/2012: Asta Door Corporation is proud to announce the addition of Impact Rated and Windload Certified Doors approved for use in Florida and other areas with similar design requirements. The new Impact Rated door Models are: Model 203IM Commercial Sheet Door, Model 204IM Insulated Commercial Sheet Door, Model 422FIM 22ga Service Door, Model 420FIM 20ga Service Door, Model 418FIM 18ga Service Door, Model 622IM 22/24ga Insulated Service Door, Model 620IM 20/24ga Insulated Service Door and Model 618IM 18/24ga Insulated Service Door.


“We are continuing to develop and improve our full line of high quality rolling door products." says Steve Jamell, National Sales Manager for Asta Door Corporation. “Our recent approvals happened rather quickly. This was in response to a top request from our dealers listed on our annual customer questionnaire we distributed earlier this year. We needed to provide impact rated doors within our line of commercial sheet door products, as well as our line of heavy duty rolling steel service doors. We listened and within several months we engineered, built, tested and received approval for our impact rated doors. We are excited about this opportunity and plan to begin offering our impact rated products in November."


8/28/2012: Asta Door has moved a step closer towards our Impact Rating Approvals. Our engineering evaluation reports, drawings and validation have all been completed and will be sent to the FBC review board for consideration for iimpact aproval on our 400 Series Service Doors, 600 Series Insulated Service Doors and 203 Commercial Sheet Doors with Windlocks.


8/1/2012: Asta Door has completed and passed Structural Windload Testing, Impact Testing and Cycle Testing at a private laboratory for our 400 Series Service Doors, 600 Series Insulated Service Doors and 203 Commercial Sheet Doors with Windlocks. Reports and Drawings are being gathered for submittal at this time. "This is an exciting time for Asta Door and getting the Impact Approval for these doors will definitely provide an added tool for all of Asta Door distributors" said Steve Jamell, National Sales Manager.


7/9/2012: Asta Door is proud to announce all of our commercial sheet door products are being converted to galvanized axle pipes. This follows our completed conversion of all self storage doors to galvanized axle pipes. Says Steve Jamell, National Sales Manager, " We are constantly striving to improve our product lines for our customers and the switch to galvanized axle pipes brings an added degree of protection and longevity to our doors."